Duck Cult is a game of skill and contrast. Your character – Donald Duck – must move through the levels and collect all the ducks, thus converting them to your following. But beware! Fearful monsters lurk between the dimensions, their visibility not granted until you land on the correct switch pad. Only those who master the art of contrast can truly build their duck cult to the highest levels.


  • 11 levels
  • Dynamic Visuals and Soundtrack
  • Satirical elements
  • Puzzles that require outside-of-the-box thinking and memory
  • Ultrawide screen support


  • Programming - Pascal Wohlwender
  • Visuals - Lewis Beauchamp
  • Music and Audio - Nakarin Srijumrat

Note: No ducks were harmed during development of this game.


Quick Exe 25 MB
Installer 46 MB

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